Trade fusion has emerged as the insignia of binary option trading robots. In binary option, there are two possibilities regarding the outcome of a pay-out. You get either fixed financial amount or not a single thing. Binary option trading can be a money-or-nil type or an asset-or-nil type.

Trade fusion is a web-based software program used to put orders for monetary products over a platform with an economic mediator. The monetary products can be assets, commodities, funds or cash currency. The economic mediators include brokers, stock markets or banks. This system provides the liberty of using this platform from anywhere around the globe.


In case of a non-regulated binary option trading system, third parties do not keep track of the money and transactions are not supervised. As a result, the finances are not placed in a trust account as desired by government monetary regulatory authorities who insure the transparence between investor and broker.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, being the initial MiFID member to refer binary options as monetary entities, declared a strategy for the regulation of binary option trading platforms on 3rd May, 2012. Later on, Malta was the next member to devise a policy for regulation of binary option trading system as financial instruments.

If a binary option trading system is regulated by CySEC, it means that all of the finances passing through that system will be placed in a trust account and being supervised by a third party.



In the United States, the trading of various futures and options is supervised by the U.S CFTC; Commodities Future Trading Commission. The regulatory bodies such as Security Exchange Commission (SEC) or CFTC have enlisted a few binary option trading systems as the registered exchanges and they are allowed to trade on a specified contract market that is in accordance with the rules and regulations and being supervised by these authorities. However, trade fusion and many other binary option trading systems work via web based platforms that do not strictly follow the regulatory protocol. Trade Fusion and various binary option systems are not monitored within the United States. These trading systems are not linked or associated with any of the regulatory authorities which include

Commodities Future Trading Commission

National Futures Association

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Securities and Exchange Commission



Though regulated binary option trading system can offer executive services, many investors and traders still carry out their trades using binary option brokers which are not regulated and licensed by the regulatory bodies. The reason for this is that with a regulated binary option broker, there are some restrictions on the citizenship of the investors you can trade with. For example, if a binary option broker is regulated by the EU, he/she faces the restriction of working with clients from the United States. Secondly, dealing with binary options does not need the binary option broker or platform to be regulated.

Binary Option Robot contact and support information

The customer service of binary options robot has prolonged its working hours for the benefit of the traders. The demand of the customer support is growing day by day due to the increase in the traders who are registered with the binary options robot. Hence the traders have more questions or queries for which a good customer support is required. Providing the best support service to help the traders perform a more effective trading is our major objective.


24 hour customer support for binary option robot traders

The traders can contact the support team from 1 to 24 hours on all days of the week. The binary options robot team is aware of the demands of the clients and hence are ready to help them at any time. The traders usually will have simple queries like how to set up the robot to trade, or how to make a deposit or questions about withdrawal of the earnings. The working hours have been extended to enable the support to be easily accessed by the traders in various time zones.

Contact through chat or email

To reach the 24/7 customer support the traders can use online chat or email provided on the website. To experience a better trade it is important to ask about all your queries and concerns that can be cleared by the customer support personnel. The support team consists of experienced and well qualified persons that can help the traders through the registration process, depositing the money and also regarding trading with brokers. To avail the customer support, it is not required for the traders to be registered on the site but can do simply by clicking on the contact us button and then type in your queries.

Guide to binary options robot

The binary options traders can also find details they need about the different brokers on the web portal of binary options robot besides the contact and support information. The site is set up to answer to all the questions that are commonly asked by the traders regarding the robot and also to provide transparency of details about the trading brokers. If you are interested in particular information you can also make use of the search box which will yield the results with the articles relevant to your search. You can also use the web portal as a guide to all your trading activities which enables you to enhance your skills in binary options trading to achieve better results in trading. You can also find news and latest trends and events that are taking place in the financial market that will play a vital role in your decisions in trade. The articles regarding binary option trade on the website are written by expert traders which help in generating binary signals for binary options robot. Hence you can use the guides on the site to improve your experience in trading and to keep yourself updated.

Top quality trading brokers are provided by binary option robot which is available for the traders worldwide.  Hence to enjoy your trading experience it is wise to join binary option robot right away. You can read more about it here….

24option Mobile Version

Use the mobile version of 24 options to get all the latest news and advancements in binary options trading via your smartphone
There are a lot of investment method available in the markets of today’s fast paced modern era. And the sole purpose of all the methods is to allow the investor to enhance the amount of money in his bank account by investing cleverly. And these methods allow each and every person related to this field, to increase his money and raise his living standards. And for that he invests money either in real estate or buys gold as an investment or purchases stocks or follows many more of the methods available.

24 Options


But there are certain cons of investing through the contemporary traditional methods of investment. One new method of investing money popular nowadays among the investors is the binary options trading methods. And there are many sites available online which would help you in performing a winning trade, when it comes to investing your money through binary options trading method. And one such site is 24 options, which has helped old and new investors alike, to get a firm grasp on the way things work in the binary options trading method. The site has everything needed to make sure that its users are able to apprehend all the facts and concepts about the system and perform their trading easily.
And using the site’s mobile version, which is called the 24 options mobile version is a good way of gaining knowledge. And various investors use 24 options mobile version to get ample amount of knowledge before using the binary option trading methods. For more information on the binary options trading method, click here.
Using 24 options’ mobile version for binary trading is a very simple and effective way for trading the fluctuations of the price in various global markets. Before using the methods, a new trader should understand the risks involved in this method and should not make any rash decisions. Because this method of trading is different from the conventional methods. If used, the trader will find this trading method to have its own pay-outs, risks and the liquidity structure would be entirely different. And using 24 options beforehand will help him to get a clear perspective about various aspects of trade.
Binary options are very simple to understand and use. And by creating an account on 24 options, you would be able to get a firm grasp on the various technical details of the binary trading method. The site’s customer services will provide you with the best advice and clear all your doubts and queries related to any trade. And thus you will have better chances of making a winning trade.
Most of the internet surfing is done using smartphones. And thus 24 options mobile version is very popular among the investors who want maximum output from this method. It will help you in gaining the best from the trading you make and thus you would feel satisfied from your choice.


What you need to know about Qbits trading Platform

Qbits is binary option robot that has high returns on investment, using computer quantum technology the system is believed to deliver top notch results according to the developer Jeremy Hart. Many people are having doubts about the system but in nature one can check and verify the facts through use of the demo Qbits trading platform that can be accessed from their official website. The system offers an automated investment for all categories of those trading on the platform. The robot can process large amounts of information across trading platforms through scanning market movements in short periods of time. With this displacement of binary options is simplified and less time consuming

The Qbits trading platform predicts trading prices in well based algorithms which is accurate with a percentage over 97 percent. We all know investing in binary options has its own risks; but with Qbits software, a lot of market trend research has been evaluated by the system making it easy to get back your deposits with great profits. It is better financial investment when it comes to money markets, anyone can make good money with system especially those who do not understand methods and strategies for binary options.

What is the cost Qbits Trading platform

The trading platform is free of charge. During the restriction process it is also fast. Any amount of cash you deposit is used on trading. So be sure any amount you deposit goes into making profits. One is required to select a broker and make first deposit that is used into activating your account. Traders also get to be given Qbits bonuses and promotions upon signup that can be converted to cash for trading. This amount can boost your trading ability earning you more than expected.

Qbits trading Platform

Procedure of signup

The robot option one needs to visit the Qbits trading platform to access the download link of the software for purpose of installation on their desired device. The system is tasked with the ability to find the profitable ventures and time frames for best trading opportunities in the binary options. The Qbits platform processes large amounts of files within the shortest time possible to enable trading online. It’s helpful in ensuring you have a variety of placement to trade.

You can read more about it here….

One will feel up their personal detail on the form during sign up which later they will be redirected to the trading dashboard. At the dashboard one can set the parameters for trading. It’s the work of the software to place trading positions for profit maximization. After you have deposited the initial deposit it reaches a point for you to withdraw your winnings. The process is quick and secure where one can choose various options available for Qbits withdrawal process such as wire transfer and PayPal options. It is important for one to read the terms and conditions to be fully aware about the working of the system. These process ensure your details are verifies thus one need to ensure he gives out the correct details during signup.